Rugs & Kilims possess diverse qualities and attributes.

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What we do


“To become the most favored destination which is also the place for making high-standard handmade rugs and Kilim, for interior designers, Decoration firms, Furniture shops, and textile companies based in Egypt, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and all over Europe by offering high quality as well as varied sizes and designs while guaranteeing timely delivery. Our eco-friendly approaches safeguard today’s world for tomorrow.”

What we do


We will ensure that we design and make the best quality handmade carpets and kilim that rejuvenate and transform any living space. Through our quality products, a vast selection of sizes and designs, consistent timely delivery, and excellent prices, we aspire to meet the expectations and demands of interior designers, decoration firms, furniture shops, textile factories, and individual customers While adopting the concept of sustainability that creates environmental protection for tomorrow’s residents.

Our Mission

About our company

About Us: Transforming Threads into Stories :

In 2014, we started the journey at Abeis with an ambition not simply to design beautiful handicraft rugs and kilim but to create tales that embody change and liberation. What started as a project to support indebted ladies and struggling families has blossomed into a network of creativity and impact.

Our Workshops: A Tapestry of Opportunity : 

Currently, we proudly operate four workshops in Abeis village, Alexandria, and one in Atfih village. These workshops serve as not just creative spaces but as hubs of empowerment and positive change. What sets us apart is our commitment to community development, reflected in the lives of those who have joined us on this incredible journey.

Empowering Lives: From Debt to Dreams : 

Our project initially aimed to support indebted individuals and families, but the ripple effect was profound. Witnessing the transformation of the lives of our first workers, Others in the village were inspired to join when they saw the changes in the lives of our first workers. Today, our workshops have many artists whose products are not only beautiful but also beneficial to society as well as their families.

How we work



Preventing Damage:

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Fade-resistant material requires minimum exposure to prolonged sunshine. For instance, you may like choosing a window covering type or rotating your carpet once in a while.


Dealing with Spills and Stains:

Act Quickly: Cover spills instantly using an absorbing clean cloth or paper towel to soak the liquid.

Avoid Rubbing: Avoid rubbing the stain as it has the potential of making the spill soak further into the fiber. Instead, blot gently.


Cleaning Techniques:

Regular Cleaning: Small rugs may also be shaken, or hung over a railing and beaten with a rug beater.

Professional Cleaning: Consider professional cleaning for larger or more delicate rugs. Choose a professional service experienced in cleaning handmade rugs.

Spot Cleaning: Kilims can often be spot-cleaned with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Begin with a test in an inconspicuous area first.
Roll for Storage: If storing a kilim, roll it rather than folding it to prevent creases.


Regular Maintenance

Vacuuming: Clean the dust and small debris from the rug or kilim regularly using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use an adjustable vacuum cleaner to prevent damaging its fibers.

Rotate: Turn the rug regularly and pay attention to uneven wear, particularly in areas of frequent movement around it.

Work with us

Thank you for being a part of our tapestry.

Local and Global Impact: Weaving Threads Beyond Borders : 

We have been participating in local and national events, which not only gave us a chance to put up an art display but has in turn paved the way for new opportunities. We have shipped our products made out of passion and skills to different parts of the world where they are telling stories about the skillful hands that produced them. 

A Vision for Tomorrow: Crafting the Future : 

As we stand at the intersection of tradition and modernity, we visualize a situation when Abais becomes both the largest and the best manufacturer of handmade pieces for carpets and kilims. However, our dedication is not limited to making beautiful products only but involves a constructive socially sustainable working environment for the community at large

Join Us in Weaving Impactful Stories : 

We invite you to be part of our journey, where every rug and kilim is more than a piece of art—it’s a testament to empowerment, resilience, and the beauty that comes from weaving dreams together. Together, let’s continue to craft a future where every thread tells a story of positive change.