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سجاده اصفهان

سجاده اصفهان

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Isfahan carpets: one of the famous types of Iranian carpets,The carpet industry in Isfahan dates back more than 400 years, and this industry had a great position in that region and this type is used in the manufacture of this type of double knots called Gifta, meaning each of the two strings in one knot, which works on weaving carpets of different sizes and large quantities, it is considered one of the finest types of Iranian carpets to use the finest types and colors of threads in it, and the designs of Isfahan carpets are among the most beautiful designs of Iranian carpets.

نوع الصنف : سجاده اصفهان

نوع الخامة : حرير طبيعي

عدد العقد : 49 عقدة

مقاس السجاده : الطول : 1.82 -- العرض : 1.13  -- المسطح : 2.06

سعر المتر : 21787جم

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