About us

Abeis was established by Misr El-Kheir Foundation in 2014 with the vision of empowering the underprivileged.

It all started with the redemption of 179 debtors & enabling them to become self-sufficient and skilled artisans who make marvelous creations.

Misr El Kheir Foundation (MEK) proudly initiated Kilim In to support debtors. Kilim In’s main purpose is to empower Egyptian families who are in need and to create sustainability for them.

MEK decided to begin Kilim In for the workers behind it to be able to secure a stable steady work and monthly income, and to change their lives for the better.

It all started with 70 artisans, saving them and their families from the constant need for financial support and preventing them from legal sentences, yet the expansion plan for the business and the numbers of workers are in continuous progress.

Kilim In is a passionately hand-woven Egyptian brand. Established in 2019, with a determined vision, Kilim In cutting-edge designs and quality uniquely transform spaces.

While preserving Egyptian heritage, Kilim In adopts a contemporary approach that highly follows
design trends creating a flawless blend of authenticity and modern taste.

Focusing on our ultimate asset, our artisans, each of Kilim In pieces has a success story that was able to rebirth our people’s hope, vision and passion for life, and for their beloved ones.